Welcome to

CIBTvisas Ireland

Our new Dublin office provides a full range of
visa and immigration services

We are proud to offer comprehensive visa and immigration
services for EU and non-EU nationals including:

  • All employment-based visas and permits
  • Intra-company transfers and EU Posted Workers
  • Full visa and immigration support for individuals and family members
  • Outbound visa and immigration services from Ireland to 190+ countries

For corporate clients, the Ireland office offers a comprehensive
suite of advisory and immigration compliance services that include:

  • Assessments and pre-planning of business travel and immigration moves
  • Immigration and business travel compliance and policy support
  • Right to work compliance and audit support
  • Advisory support for any complex or large-scale projects

These services are backed by our award-winning and intuitive
technology solutions:

  • Client tools for business travel and immigration assessment and initiation
  • Case and Knowledge Management of visa and immigration processes
  • Reporting and Accounting tools for business travel and immigration

Contact us today to learn how CIBT can support your business goals in Ireland through world-class visa and immigration services.